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Sorghum Report: Spring Edition

Study Finds Corn Is A Major Contributor To Air Pollution

Close Up of Ear of Corn

A new study in nature has linked the production of corn to increased air pollution in the United States resulting in several health risks: “reduced air quality resulting from maize production is associated with 4,300 premature deaths annually in the United States, with estimated damages in monetary terms of US$39 billion”.

Additionally, the study concludes “Producing corn is more damaging than the economic benefit it provides.”

It’s only a matter of time before consumer groups boycott and “buycott” corn products.  Are your products in consumer’s crosshairs?

How To Nixtamalize 4x Faster

Research confirms that when nixtamalizing grain for tortillas, sorghum cooks and steeps faster than corn. In some Latin American countries, sorghum is used for tortillas, as the production of tortillas is up to 4 times faster with sorghum vs. corn.  Nixtamalized sorghum creates more soluble starch, resulting in enhanced plasticity and cohesiveness in the dough. Let our R&D team show you how!

Tortilla Rolling Machine

Food Trends

5 Ways to Ensure Your Products Are On Trend

CONVENIENCE – A continuing trend consumers are looking for as confirmed by recent rapid growth in frozen foods. Frozen food grain options have expanded–quick development is available for ancient grain blend frozen entrée or side.

GLOBAL FLAVORS – Sorghum is the “quinoa of Africa,” and North and West African cuisines and flavors are at the top of globally inspired flavor trends for 2019.

HEALTH – 25% of consumers are looking for digestive health benefits from their food. Sorghum is a potent prebiotic and has been shown to improve gut health in several university research studies.

PLANT-BASED – Sales of plant-based food are up 20%, making it one of the fastest growing industry sectors. More consumers are motivated to buy for environmental reasons than animal welfare reasons.

SUSTAINABILITY – The highest growth related to sustainability is among products touting sustainable farming and social responsibility. Make sure your suppliers are using regenerative agriculture practices that contribute to soil health.


What Is Regenerative Agriculture?

Traditional farming practices can have consequences for the environment. Heavy synthetic fertilizer and pesticides are resource intensive to make and pollute the area where used. Tilling reduces soil moisture and exposes carbon in the soil, creating atmospheric carbon dioxide. Irrigation depletes water tables, releases carbon trapped in groundwater, and growing crops in standing water releases methane gas.

Regenerative agriculture aims to improve the environment and capture carbon. Practices include: developing better soil health, enhanced ecosystems, improved watersheds, and never tilling the ground to reduce agricultural inputs.

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Product Spotlight

Retortable Dried GF Pasta

Gluten Free Elbow Macaroni

After 3 years of research and development, the best gluten-free pasta has been created.  The gluten-free pasta has semolina like taste, texture, and functionality.  In blind taste tests, consumers couldn’t distinguish as gluten-free.  The ancient grain pasta withstands heat abuse and extreme cooking, keeping its shape and texture for upwards of 4 hours!  Shape integrity keeps the next day and does not fall apart like other gluten-free pasta.  Available in food service and bulk packaging.

Whole Grain Stabilizer

Pregel Sorghum Flour

A new clean label stabilizer, SmartBake increases moisture and makes baked goods more tender.  SmartBake is a whole grain solution at low inclusion rates.

  • Creates a moist tender texture
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for gums
  • Improve product volume
  • Increases dough elasticity
  • High oil and water retention capacity
  • Improve crumb structure
  • Stabilizes product volume after baking
  • Low usage rate