Always Gluten Free & Non-GMO

SmartFRY™ Coating Flour

SmartFRY™ Flour may increase moisture and reduce oil absorption in your coated food item

  • Reduced oil absorption
  • Increased crispiness
  • Increased moisture
  • Results in less flour falling to the bottom of the fryer
  • Increased browning

SmartFRY™ is a unique gluten free sorghum deep frying flour that can naturally reduce oil absorption, increase crispiness, hold in moisture, enhance flavor and increase browning when included in a coating or breading formula. Nu Life Market’s proprietary milling process of the flour ensures a smooth, non-gritty texture to the finished product, and results in less flour falling to the bottom of the fryer during processing. SmartFRY™ can be added to any breading system for significant functional improvements while labeling as sorghum.

Healthier Fried Food

Sorghum lends extreme functionality to batter and breading recipes.

The Nu Life Market R&D team has developed several batter and breading recipes to jumpstart development.


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