Sorghum is a Sustainable Grain

drought resistant sorghum

Drought Resistant

The DNA composition of sorghum contribute to beneficial qualities such as drought and heat tolerance.


Sorghum can go dormant to tolerate stressful weather conditions.

Less Water Used

While other crops require close to 12 inches of water to produce the first bushel, it only takes six inches of total water (soil, rainfall, and irrigation) to produce the first bushel of grain sorghum.

Water Retention

Smaller leaf pores reduce sorghum’s leaf water loss and waxy leaves hold in moisture during dry conditions.

Water Conservation

Swapping out other grains for sorghum will make a necessary impact on the amount of water used by agriculture, and is a meaningful step towards water security.

Deep Roots

Sorghum’s deep & fibrous root system increases its ability to mine water.