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Sun Life sunflower kernel spread is a great tasting alternative to peanut butter. Our valued consumers can be assured our spreads are free of peanuts, gluten, dairy, and soy. Sun Life Sunflower Paste is the perfect peanut free ingredient. This easy to use no sugar added product allows you to control the sweetness and flavor profile. With a robust roasted flavor, this ingredient will incorporate well into any peanut free product.

Our Sunflower Paste Food Certifications

Sorghum Extrudes

Peanut free extrudes using Sun Life sunflower paste and Nu Life Market’s gluten free sorghum can bring new flavorful dimensions to snacks and other food products. We can infuse our peanut free sunflower paste along with flavorings like vanilla, honey, and chocolate to sorghum puffs to make foods that are new to any market.

Food Applications Using Sorghum

Baked Products

Flavored sunflower paste can be added to cookies, breads, cakes, waffles, muffins, and crackers.


Flavored sunflower paste can be added to flakes, extrudes, and puffed products.


Flavored sunflower paste can be added to extrudes, popped, puffed, and baked snack products

Food Bars

Flavored sunflower paste can be added as a peanut free replacement for peanut butter.


Flavored sunflower paste can be added to filler crisps, extrudes, wafers, and a peanut butter alternative for flavor.

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