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What is Sorghum?


Sorghum is an environmentally responsible crop. It uses fewer natural resources in its production and is the model sustainable crop. Sorghum is high in dietary fiber and has a neutral flavor making it ideal for use in numerous types of gluten free food products. Sorghum is high in phenolic compounds that can add health benefits not found in other fruits, vegetables, and grains. The darker sorghums, in particular, have high levels of antioxidants, comprised of 3d-anthocyanins, which are unique to sorghum. Several sorghum varieties are part of current NIH studies.

The genes in the sorghum are what determine the color of the grain. Nu Life Market features a white, brown, burgundy, and black. The variety of brown grain that Nu Life Market uses is referred to as Sumac Sorghum and the black is Black Sorghum. Black and Sumac Sorghum Grains are very high in antioxidants, tannins, and G.I. stable anthocyanin.

Is Sorghum Gluten Free?

Yes, naturally! With the growth of the gluten free food industry, sorghum has taken the spotlight. When sorghum is used as an ingredient in baking, cooking, or other applications it is able to mimic gluten containing items.

With a fine, tender texture and delicate mouth feel sorghum is sure to delight any gluten free diet. Sorghum is also high in dietary fiber, giving an added nutritional benefit, as well.

The most common sorghum used for baking and as an ingredient is the White Sorghum. It is naturally white in color therefore requires no bleaching process for it to be white in color.

Types & Forms of Sorghum

We currently grow 6 types of Sorghum:

Nu Life Market has the milling capability to provide all of our sorghum types in these forms:

We can mill our Sorghum grain to a variety of different particle sizes to better suit your baking needs.

Our Sorghum Food Certifications