Always Gluten Free & Non-GMO

Sorghum Pasta

  • Excellent al dente texture
  • Great taste
  • Maintains shape and integrity after cooking

Dried Gluten Free Pasta

After years of research and development, the best gluten-free pasta has been created!  The gluten-free pasta has semolina like taste, texture, and functionality.  In blind taste tests, consumers couldn’t distinguish as gluten-free.  The ancient grain pasta withstands heat abuse and extreme cooking, keeping its shape and texture for upwards of 4 hours!  Shape integrity keeps the next day and does not fall apart like other gluten-free pasta. Our gluten free pasta is available in a variety of shapes, and available in food service and bulk packaging.

IQF Sorghum Pasta

Gluten Free sorghum pasta boasts whole grain nutrition with an al dente bite. Compared to whole wheat pasta, whole grain sorghum pasta actually has a cleaner taste – the perfect neutral base for any sauce or recipe! IQF sorghum pasta is great in frozen meals for a unique ancient grain addition. The texture is similar to wheat pasta and holds up to heat.

Sorghum pasta is available fresh or frozen in many different noodle shapes. Individually quick frozen pasta can be heated quickly in a sauté pan, perfect for restaurants and frozen meal applications.


Gluten Free Sorghum Penne Pasta



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