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Specialty Sorghums For Gluten Free Foods

Healthy Sorghum

Sorghum is a major crop used for food, feed and industrial purposes worldwide. In the Western Hemisphere it is mainly used as a livestock feed and has not been considered a significant ingredient in foods. With over 40,000 accessions in the world collection, tremendous diversity exists in sorghum in both composition and processing properties. The kernel varies in size, shape, color, density, hardness, composition, processing properties, taste and texture and nutritional value. This chapter reviews information on new food sorghums and other special sorghums with unique properties that could be used in producing a wide variety of food products for specialty markets and health foods. The paper will emphasize white food sorghum hybrids and special tannin and black sorghums with high levels of phytochemicals. These special sorghum varieties are an excellent source of nutraceuticals that can compete effectively with fruits and vegetable sources. In addition, we will indicate other opportunities for producing healthy foods from sorghum.

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