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January 2017 Sorghum Report


2017 Food Trends: “Sorghum, egg yolks, French food, Filipino food, smoked food, whey, cannabis, teff, spirulina, delivery-only restaurants.”
Step aside, quinoa. There’s a new gluten-free whole grain gaining traction among the health-savvy. It’s called sorghum and it’s homegrown.
Why it will be a trend: Sorghum is an excellent source of fiber and rich in protein. It’s also a source of bone-building magnesium and phosphorus, immune-boosting iron and B vitamins such as niacin and B6 that help convert your food into energy….
The Great Food Debate: “According to a recent Pew Research center study, more young folks than old ones think organic food is healthier than conventionally grown alternatives. Likewise, the under-30 crowd is far more in favor than its elders of foods that haven’t been made with genetically modified organisms. Pew found that 61% of respondents aged 19-29 said organic options were better for them, compared with 45% of respondents 65 and over who felt that way.”
Formulators should make transparency imperative. Consumers want to know where food comes from.” IRI

Better-tasting plant-enhanced foods will be in big demand from vegans, flexitarians and even full-fledged red meat eaters. Products incorporating fruit, seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables and other plants will be immensely popular, aligned with modern consumers’ preoccupation with health and wellness.” MINTEL


Pre-cooked IQF Sorghum!

Cooking whole grain sorghum can take hours and slow down your manufacturing process. That’s why Nu Life Market has partnered with one of the innovators in the IQF space to create precooked and individually frozen gluten free whole grain sorghum. Firm on the outside and soft on the inside, our IQF sorghum has a texture unlike any other IQF grain that’s perfect in frozen meal, salads, or food service. With our exclusive cooking process IQF Sorghum is able to withstand the steam table and heat abuse and has none of the starch leakage that causes cooked grains to clump together.

IQF SorghumIQF Sorghum

Samples available in a variety of colors and blends, packaged in sizes from; 1 pound, up to bulk totes. Save time: add value and intrigue–add sorghum.


Waxy Sorghum

Add Intrigue and Functionality

The first commercial planting of waxy sorghum was harvested this past fall. Waxy sorghum is 100% amylopectin starch, and has been shown to have an impact on product texture with as little as 5% inclusion rates, giving a softer bite and helping with moisture retention in both gluten and gluten free dough systems. Best of all, it can be labeled as “sorghum” (so the competition won’t have a clue) and contributes to the whole grain content of the formula.

Waxy sorghum is available in both white and burgundy colored varieties. Burgundy waxy adds a wonderful color and intrigue to products such as crackers and breads, in addition to the added textural benefits.

Sorghum Syrup

Molasses: Refined.

Are you looking to differentiate your product from overused tapioca and rice syrup? Nu Life is working with an established malting company to develop a line of sorghum syrups! Sorghum syrup adds a fully traceable and sustainable ingredient to your product and is an easy way to add some marketing buzz. Development work is in progress and samples are expected in March. Want to be the first to try it out? Let us know!

Sorghum Pasta

Perfect Meal Solution

Sorghum pasta boasts whole grain nutrition with an al dente bite, without the gummy texture of corn or the starchy tooth pack of rice pasta. Compared to whole wheat pasta, whole grain sorghum pasta actually has a cleaner taste– the perfect neutral base for any sauce or recipe!

Individually quick frozen pasta can be heated quickly in a sauté pan–perfect for restaurants and frozen meal applications. Available in penne, macaroni, shells, fusilli, and other shapes.

IQF Pasta With a clean ingredient deck and whole grain nutrition, we created a sustainable ancient pasta for your menu or product portfolio. IQF & Fresh packaging options are available, from individual servings to bulk sizes. Fresh pasta format cooks in just 2 minutes in boiling water!

Coming soon: Sorghum pasta made even better with plant based protein, for an on-trend protein boost with a clean taste. Reach out today and you’ll be the first to see samples.

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